The Woodworking Process

Working with La Rue Woodworking

Quality Construction

Heirloom pieces need not be a thing of the past. Each custom piece will truly have a "one of a kind" distinction. Utilizing a mix of modern technology and time honored tradition, each piece is crafted to precision by a skilled artisan.

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Design Process

The first phase of the construction process is communicating the design to the artisan. Whether you're replicating a beloved piece or making your unique vision a reality, the artisan must clearly conceptualize the piece before sawdust hits the floor. Work can be done from a photo array with given dimensions or through cooperative design using autoCAD. This process is extensive, but creates the desired result. A clear understanding of the work to be done saves time and money in the end.


A time frame for production is set at the end of the design phase. After an appropriate agreement has been reached, the materials portion of the project is paid along with a portion of the labor cost in order to begin the process. Once the resources have been acquired, the wood is brought up to temperature and humidity of the final destination. After the desired moisture content is reached, the project begins to take shape utilizing the many power and hand tools at the artisan's disposal. Production photos can be taken and delivered as the process unfolds for an additional fee.

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Kids Checker Table and Chairs


Once the piece has it's final shape, the final stage of preparation begins. This is where the magic takes place. Each piece is sanded to perfection and the finish is applied per the customer's desire. Whether the piece is stained, painted, waxed, or left natural...the end result is simply breathtaking. Keep in mind that these processes are not easily reversed.


Local projects can be either picked up on site or home delivered at the discretion of the customer. Arrangements can be made for shipping projects longer distances. Keep in mind, however, that all shipping charges will be in addition to your agreed production price. If larger or more delicate items are unable to be shipped, alternative arrangements will be made when the piece is ordered.

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