The wood that is used by LaRue Woodworking for your custom project needs time to acclimate in the wood shop for a minimum of fourteen (14) days to equalize/stabilize the internal moisture content to approximately 7-9% at a temperature of 64-68 degrees Fahrenheit. Please realize that the materials that the Builder will use in the construction of your custom wood project(s) will be for the most part solid woods and therefore, the Builder cannot be held responsible for any subsequent warping, bowing, swelling or cracking caused by a change in temperature and/or humidity following delivery of the project(s). Wood is a natural substance used for your project and as such will display its own unique characteristics. Wood has grains that will absorb stains and other finishes at different amounts, depending on orientation of the grain, types of woods used and the moisture content of the wood. As a result, variation will occur throughout the wood. LaRue Woodworking cannot be responsible for the actual degree of variation of colors and sheens that may occur in your custom project. Natural UV light and age will also affect the color and sheen of your custom piece over time.