Custom Name Puzzle Stool

Name Puzzle Stool

Help give a child their first step up in life! These hand crafted step stools are made one at a time to order just for you!! The Personalized Name Puzzle Stool from LaRue Woodworking are an excellent gift for special occasions. They are also a great just-because gift for that special little child in your life. The puzzle pieces help develop fine motor skills and teach little ones to spell their names. While the stool itself helps provide a boost for hand-washing, teeth-brushing, or helping in the kitchen.

These custom step stools can be made from a variety of either Domestic or Exotic woods to meet your decorative needs while still giving that child his/her very own puzzle and stool. The letters and pockets are rounded for an easy fit and can be painted with any color(s) you prefer with a child safe latex paint.

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