Antique Church Window Duplication

Priced at: $1250


Can't fix it? Can't find it anymore? Is the manufacturing Company out of business? Did the manufacturer stop making that specific item? If any of these circumstances sound familiar, don't waste your money! Instead of replacing a complete dining set or stair railing because you can't find a substitute for that one broken piece, let us duplicate it for you. Whether it's a small dresser knob, a chair spindle, a 1919 Ford model TT truck cab, or even a complete Church steeple, we can duplicate it for you. Due to the uniqueness and individual difficulties of each duplication project, it is impossible to give you an exact quote. We work on each of these specialties for a material cost plus our hourly rate. However, with over 20 years of experience, we can give you a pretty close range of what it should cost you.

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