Custom Hickory Frames With Matting

Custom Hickory Frames with matting

Custom Hickory Frames With Matting

Priced at $285/each


It shouldn't matter if you have a photograph, a print, a poster, or a painting. Whether its an original or not, why shouldn't your framing accent your special piece to show it off better? We will work with you and help you pick out the best style, size, matting to give you the best frame to go with your piece of art. These Custom Hickory Frames with matting are perfect for framing anything of your choice that you would like to show off.

Our craftsman use as much solid wood as possible. We only use natural, sustainable solid hard and soft wood from either here in the USA. Or, for a more exotic look, we have access to properly and legally harvested exotic woods imported from around the World. Contact us for your individual custom pricing!

Featured Item Details

  • Various sizes
  • Kiln Dried Shaggy Bark Hickory
  • 3 different custom profiles
  • Profiles purposely milled rough to give it an aged look
  • Custom dual matting
  • Anti-glass 1/8" museum glass
  • Finished with a Pre-Cat Lacquer 10 sheen