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Custom Porch Deck


Each one of our Custom Porch Decks are painstakingly hand crafted to match your vision. The process starts with a sitting down, sometimes multiple times, with the client(s) and discussing every single detail of the project. This includes everything from the overall style, all the way down to the exact hardware, handrails, lighting etc, to be used. All of our Decks come with a hand drawn sketch with a few options drawn in them for appearances. We can also create a 3D computerized full color scaled model. Changes to these models that are a lot easier and quicker when done virtually, rather than after construction begins. Not to mention, it's a whole lot cheaper!


Each of our Custom Porch Decks are specifically built to fit in one area. When asking for a quote, you will need to supply all dimensions. We can also schedule a visit to your home or place of business to get all the exact measurements, if needed.

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