Custom Sawing

LaRue Woodworking does offer this as a service to the public. We currently only have a "off-road" log trailer, so you will be responsible for getting the logs to our facility. Once here, we measure, sort, and list all the lumber/slabs you would like out of your logs. The LaRue family first started sawing logs back in the 1770's with an undershot water wheel driven upright saw. In the early 1970's, Nelson and Albert LaRue built a portable circle sawmill using Belsaw parts mounted on a Diamond T frame. Currently, we own a LT70 Super hydraulic Wood-Mizer sawmill. This is set up as a stationary sawmill capable of sawing up to 36" diameter x 20' long log with a max. of 26" cut. We also own a portable Lucas dedicated "Slabber" mill. Which has capabilities of sawing up to 76" diameter X 20' long logs.

Please contact us here for current pricing