Custom Tree Bench

Priced at $1695


Looking for a beautiful bench in the garden, or a simple addition to your current kitchen or dining chair set? No matter what the purpose is, we can help you match or design the perfect bench for you. Just like this Custom Tree Bench. Our craftsman use as much solid wood when possible. We only use natural and sustainable solid hard and soft wood from here in the USA. Or, for a more exotic look, we have access to properly and legally harvested exotic woods imported from around the World. If Solid wood is not the most feasible option (ex. chair bottoms under the cushions), we only use the highest grade of cabinetry plywood on the market. Contact us for your individual custom pricing!

Featured Item Details

  • Custom fit around a cedar tree
  • Pressure Treated Decking
  • 8 sided bench built around a cedar tree
  • Ergonomic design seat for comfort
  • All Stainless Steel hardware
  • Solid Stain