Custom Yellow Heart Box Beam Mantel

Priced at: $499


We design and create reclaimed antique or new refined wood fireplace mantels, such as this Yellow Heart Box Beam Mantel. Each one is made from a wide variety of reclaimed wood, new domestic wood, and even exotic woods. Our mantel designs include high end elegant designs for our wood beams as well as box beams. Hand hewn fireplace mantels provide a look of character that cannot be replicated. Actually, we can replicate them using the original tools and methods that have been handed down from generation to generation.

These original beams were created by hand using a broad ax and retain the charm embedded by the artisans who created them. Rough sawn beams provide a more refined mantel inherent with the circular saw marks created when the beams were originally milled over a century ago. Faux wood box beams are an excellent choice when weight is an issue. Whether you decide to go with an elegant mantel or a reclaimed antique wood fireplace mantel, all of our mantels adds a warm touch to the heart of every home. Contact us for your individual custom pricing.

Featured Item Details

  • 92' long x 10 deep  x 12 high
  • Kiln dried Solid Yellow Heart
  • Box beam style to save on weight and material
  • All edges are glue joint mitered
  • Unfinished