Custom Fireplace Side Shelves

Fireplace Side Shelves

Priced at $1995


Fireplace Side Shelves are the perfect way to showcase your library of books, magazines, art, photos, collectables, and accessories. Also, they easily become the focal point in any room. So let's work together and design this "focal point". Which will not only meet your needs, but add a nice accent to your home or office. Our craftsman use as much solid wood as possible. More importantly, we only use natural, sustainable solid hard and soft wood from here in the USA. Or, for a more of an exotic look, we will use legally harvested, imported exotic woods from around the World. If Solid wood is not the most feasible option, (ex. drawer bottoms or back panels), we only use the highest grade of cabinetry plywood on the market. Contract us for your individual custom pricing.

Featured Item Details

  • 54"wide x 16"deep x 42"high
  • Kiln dried Solid Hard Maple
  • Same Design as the current fireplace
  • Matching re-scaled moldings
  • Same Color and finish as the current fireplace
  • False back to hide component wires
  • Built-in look, the units were built in shop and delivered and installed into place
  • Finished with a Solid color Conversion Varnish