Custom Groomsmen Boxes

Featured Item Priced at $125

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Looking for a unique groomsmen gift? Why not a multi-purpose keepsake box? These beautiful custom Groomsmen Boxes are perfect for your groomsmen to keep anything special in. These can also be for anyone else who wants a special keepsake box. They can be made to fit the needs of the owner. Want it truly customized? We can burn, carve or inlay names, pictures, saying, or dates to make it even more of a custom one-of-a kind custom chest Box or dresser just for you. Our craftsman prefer to use as much solid wood as possible, we only use natural, sustainable solid hard and soft wood from either here in the USA, or for more of an exotic look, properly and legally harvested and imported exotic woods from around the World. If Solid wood is not the most feasible option, (ex. drawer bottoms or back panels), we only use the highest grade of cabinetry plywood on the market.

Featured Item Dimensions

8" wide x 8" deep x 5" high

Featured Item Constructions Details

  • Kiln dried Solid Hard Maple
  • Finished with Lacquer
  • Carved initials to make it personalized
  • Removable center divider