Custom Gun Display Rack

Gun Display Rack

Priced at $395


What is the purpose of a display case? To display something that you cherish. So why not have a display case built specifically for the items that mean so much to you? The display case should compliment your personal item, not over shadow it. This custom Gun Display Rack is perfect for displaying your guns for everyone to see. The design is made to hold up to three guns, and has a small locked cabinet. This way you can keep the ammunition safe and out of sight.

Our craftsman use as much solid wood as possible. We only use natural and sustainable solid hard and soft wood from here in the USA. Or, for a more exotic look, we have access to properly and legally harvested exotic woods imported from around the World. If Solid wood is not the most feasible option (ex. drawer bottoms or back panels), we only use the highest grade of cabinetry plywood on the market. Contact us for your individual custom pricing!

Featured Item Details

  • 24 wide x 5 deep x 30 high
  • Kiln dried Solid Northern Red Oak
  • Finished with lacquer
  • The guns are locked in place with the wood lever behind the locked drawer front
  • The ammo drawer is lockable
  • Ammo drawer is felt lined