Custom, Beehive

Modified European Long Hive

Priced at $2249


This unique, Modified European Long Hive was designed from the traditional stackable box beehives, and the European long hive along with a few upgrades. We took the technology from Europe and the time proven traditional box hives and added a few "extra" features to make one of the most unique and sophisticated bee hives ever created. It has even been giving the nickname "The Taj Mahal of bee hives" by other beekeepers. This hive has everything from a front porch, to a mite screen, to having the ability to hold 2 separate hives under one roof, all the way from the brood box to the 2 Supers with vents. We also incorporated a design that allows an "up-draft" and insulation with bottom insulation as well for extreme cold winters. These hives also come with Grade A cedar singles to top it off. Contact us for your individual custom pricing!

Featured Item Details

  • Inside 51-3/4"wide  x 23-1/4"deep  x 48"high
  • Separate base from the hive construction
  • 2 Colony living
  • 32 frame length, 16 on each side
  • Mite screen
  • Mite tray with insulation for winter
  • Drop down back door for checking the mite tray
  • Front porch with sliding door for better control for weaker hives
  • Top panels have a single panel with screen for ventilation, same panels can go on top of "supers"
  • 2 Supers can be added when the hive starts to flourish
  • Upper Supers also have insulation for harsh winters
  • Hinged gable roof hinges forward so their entrance is away from the beekeeper
  • Ends of gables have screens that allow for up-drafting
  • Roof is made from Grade A cedar singles
  • Finished with a Tung oil