Old Beam Mantle

Reclaimed Beam Mantle

Reclaimed Hand-hewn and/or rough sawn beams not only help recycle our precious timber from years ago, it also adds a bit of elegance to any room with a fireplace. We have a assortment of local beams from right here in the Charlton, NY area that were either reclaimed from barns and/or houses that have been either taken down or had an unfortunate fire that damaged them beyond rebuilding.

This Mantle Features

  • Hand Hewn reclaimed barn beam
  • Resawn on backside to fix tight against the wall
  • Corbels on each end to not only give it stability but a little more character
  • Hand sanded to remove all sharp and splintery edges and loose pieces
  • Trade Secret re-ageing process to blend in any and all fresh cut and sanded areas
  • Top coated with a Pre-Cat Lacquer to protect and preserve the natural beauty of this beam
  • French hanger mounting hardware that is not only a strong hanging system but also is hidden so it doesn't take away from the beauty of the wood

Not all beams are the same. Some may contain more or less negative spaces, checks, cut marks or other unique features. 

Wood is a natural substance used for your project and as such will display its own unique characteristics. Wood has grains that will absorb stains and other finishes at different amounts, depending on orientation of the grain, types of woods used and the moisture content of the wood. As a result, variation will occur throughout the wood. LaRue Woodworking cannot be responsible for the actual degree of variation of colors and sheens that may occur in your custom project. Natural UV light and age will also affect the color and sheen of your custom piece over time.