Terrace Dividers

Priced at $1,900/each


Unlike most other privacy fences out there, LaRue Woodworking designs and builds theses fences to be appealing from all sides. If you’re looking for a rustic or elegant, functional, high quality privacy fence, you’ll love these Terrace Dividers from LaRue Woodworking. They’re made with a classic, timeless design. But there's a twist, each customer personally designs their own fence. We build our fences tough. They're meant to be used for years, without showing any signs of wear or requiring regular upkeep. Customize your order and we’ll build it your way, to make sure you get exactly what you want! We give you the opportunity to shape your own unique masterpiece that reflects your sense of style, not the "industry style". Let us at LaRue Woodworking turn your vision into a reality. Contact us for your individual custom pricing.

Featured Item Details

  • Dividers on the upper decks on the back of FSC1
  • Dividers meant to look like the lower large dividers that LaRue Woodworking designed, built, and installed in 2016
  • All wood is common grade Cedar
  • Dividers are double sided, same as lower
  • All Dividers have the top cap
  • Divider post has a cap, same as lower
  • Dividers are the same color as lower sections
  • All boards were primed on all sides prior to assembly
  • Painted with 2 coats of exterior latex paint after installation
  • Dividers were mounted to the building using stainless steel brackets, drilling into the building was necessary
  • Due to the variations between each section, these fences were in the shop larger than needed, then cut and fitted on site
  • The process included the installation of 9 sections