Custom Fitted Adirondack Chairs

Priced at $950/chair


If you’re looking for rustic, elegant, functional, and high quality outdoor furniture, you’ll love this Custom Fitted Adirondack Chair from LaRue Woodworking. We make our chairs using a classic, timeless design with a twist. Each customer gets personally fitted to their own chair. We have built a 32 positioning fitting chair to will fit to everyone own body shape, size, and comfort.

These custom Adirondack Chairs will remind you of summer all year long. They are built tough, and meant to be used for years, without any signs of wear or requiring regular upkeep. Customize your order and we’ll build it your way, to make sure you get exactly what you want! We offer you the opportunity to shape your own unique masterpiece that reflects your sense of style not "industry style." Let us here at LaRue Woodworking help turn your vision into a reality. Contact us for your individual custom pricing!

Featured Item Details

  • Personally fitted to each and every customer
  • Kiln dried Solid Cedar
  • Custom fitted your each individual customer using our custom fitting chair
  • Cedar flat stock with Cedar backs
  • 2 Removable Cup Holders
  • Finished with Exterior 2 part Poly
  • Matte Sheen