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The unique, modified European long hive was designed from the traditional stack-able box bee hives and the European Long hive along with a few upgrades. We took the technology from Europe of how their long hives work and the time proven traditional box hives and added a few "extra" features to make one of the most unique and sophisticated bee hives ever created. It have even been giving the nick-name "The Taj Mahal of bee hives" by other beekeepers. This hive has everything from a front porch, to a mite screen, to having the ability to hold 2 separate hives under one roof, all the way from the brood box to the 2 Supers with vents. We also incorporated a design that allows an "up-draft" and insulation with bottom insulation as well for extreme cold winters. These hives also come with Grade A cedar singles to top it off.

Featured Item Dimensions

Inside 51-3/4"wide  x 23-1/4"deep  x 48"high

Featured Item Constructions Details

  • Separate base from the hive construction
  • 2 Colony living
  • 32 frame length, 16 on each side
  • Mite screen
  • Mite tray with insulation for winter
  • Drop down back door for checking the mite tray
  • Front porch with sliding door for better control for weaker hives
  • Top panels have a single panel with screen for ventilation, same panels can go on top of "supers"
  • 2 Supers can be added when the hive starts to florish
  • Upper Supers also have insulation for harsh winters
  • Hinged gable roof hinges forward so their entrance is away from the beekeeper
  • Ends of gables have screens that allow for up-drafting
  • Roof is made from Grade A cedar singles
  • Finished with a Tung oil