Custom Skull and Crossbones Flag Starting at only $99

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We offer a massive variety of Custom Wood Signs ranging from the "rustic" kitchen signs, to Holiday signs, to 4-H fair project signs, to Custom Carved wood signs, made to order one at a time just for you. The only limiting factor is your imagination. Let LaRue Woodworking turn your imagination into a reality!

Our super high quality Custom Wood Signs are handcrafted of varies domestic and exotic hardwoods in their beautiful, natural tones unique to each piece,  or accented with the use of paints, stains or dyes, we offer CNC routing and laser engraving to add to the custom piece.

Featured Item Details

  • You pick the size
  • You pick the wood species
  • You pick the accent colors
  • Customized and personalized exactly to your needs and wants
  • You pick the finish

Disclaimer: Wood is a natural substance used for your project and as such will display its own unique characteristics. Wood has grains that will absorb stains and other finishes at different amounts, depending on orientation of the grain, types of woods used and the moisture content of the wood. As a result, variation will occur throughout the wood. LaRue Woodworking cannot be responsible for the actual degree of variation of colors and sheens that may occur in your custom project. Natural UV light and age will also affect the color and sheen of your custom piece over time.