Each one of our custom Remodels are painstakingly hand crafted to match your vision, including these beautiful full remodel project. The process starts with a sitting down, sometimes multiple times, with the client(s) and discussing every single detail that they want in their kitchen. We discuss everything from the overall style all the way down to the exact hardware to be used. All of our full remodels come with either a hand drawn sketch with a few options drawn in them for appearances or a 3-D computerized full color scaled model that can be changed easier and quicker and a whole lot cheaper virtually before construction commences.


Obviously each of our custom kitchens are specifically built to fit in one area. When asking for a quote you will need to supply all dimensions or have us come to your home or place of business to get all the measurements.

Constructions Details

One of the advantage that we offer over our competition is all of our kitchens are built to exact size without the use of filler pieces. Another advantage we have over the "big-box" stores is that we only use the highest quality cabinetry plywood, not particle board, for the sides, back, bottoms, and/or tops

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