Black Birch Wood Slab 1-1/4″ X 21-20-19″ X 61″


Black Birch Wood Slab             1-1/4″ X 21-20-19″ X 61″

Product ID: 170603-3B
 Kiln Dried
Surface: Planed
Edge: Live Edge Both sides
*Approx. Bd-ft: 11
*Approx. Weight: 37 lbs


Flatten Top Side  Already
Flatten Both Sides Already
Prep for Finish +$285.94
Finish Slab +$328.30-413.02
Shipping: Call for pricing

Wood Slab Description:

Often called a Wood slab, live edge board, board with bark on edges, thick board, thick plank, wavy edge board, or simply wide plank, these unique one of a kind wood slabs make beautiful table tops, coffee tables, end tables, benches, etc, which can only limited by your imagination.  This particular wood slab Black Birch, black birch, sweet birch, or cherry birch, is a native birch species present throughout much of eastern North America. It is valued for its wood, which when exposed to air darkens to resemble mahogany, as well as being a source of wintergreen oil. It has a dark brown to greyish black color. Unlike most other birches, mature Betula lenta can develop hard, scaly plates. Removed from its industrial history, it is now primarily found in forests and used as an ornamental tree in landscaping. Some visual cues for spotting the black birch include: dark brown bark; green cones in the spring and brown cones in the late summer; dark, shiny, serrated green leaves in the summer and bright golden yellow leaves in the fall. Click here to see more beautiful one of a kind Wood slabs.

Book Matched:

All of our log flitches are kept together through the entire milling and drying process to give our customers the opportunity to choose color matched as well as book-matched slabs. The log was numbered in order, so each number is book-matched to the number before and/or after it. Unfortunately it is impossible for us to go in and edit every listing after an item sells, so you may run into a set like this that doesn't have a book-match left to it, please check out our other slabs to see if there is a sequential slab.

Additional Information:

For picture taking purposes, sometimes we will use alcohol on them. Our slabs are as described as accurately as possible but due to the nature of highly figured and/or burled wood, minor cracking and checking might not be evident. Unless the slabs have already been milled flat, the slabs may have a twist and/or cup to them.  Because of the natural edge look to most of our slabs, our dimensions are listed as "at the widest spot" or "at the longest spot" of the slab.  Some of our slabs still have the bark attached, we cannot guarantee that all bark will remain on the slab during the shipping process.  Our slabs are handled with great care, but even as they get moved around on the shelf, the bark can come off.   Item numbers are written on all slabs in red wood marking crayon.


*Due to the natural of these irregular shaped slabs with live edges, it is near impossible to calculate the actual board footage in each slab. We average the width then multiply it by the length and the thickness to get the approximate board footage. The same goes with the weight, it is based on an average of bd-ft and excepted industry standards for weight of the specific species. Actual bd-ft and moisture content vary from slab to slab and we only weigh them from shipping purposes.

**Flatten top side; Machined top side (customer picks which side) ONLY. Flatten both sides; Machine top and bottom of slab. Prep for finish; Machined top and bottom of slab and finish sanded to 220g, ready for customer to apply their own finish. Finish Slab; Includes machining to top and bottom of slab, finish sanding to 220g and applying customers choice of finishes and sheens including but not limited to pre-cat lacquer, post-cat Conversion Varnish, 2 part Euro Acrylic-Polyurethane, 2 part pour-on epoxy.