Shipping Details

Shipping, Delivery & Storage Policy

When it comes to shipping handcrafted fine furniture and custom wood pieces a lot can go wrong during shipping. After many years of shipping pieces from the Northeast to multiple states from Maine to Florida to Arizona to Alaska we have learned a few things in packaging and the shipping process. We offer many different shipping methods to best fit your needs and budget.

Please note: Shipping and handling charges are non-refundable and subject to change

Personal Delivery

Personal Delivery is just what it implies;

  • Employees from LaRue Woodworking will personally deliver your custom wood piece
  • LaRue Woodworking has a pick-up truck with a carpeted bed for smaller sized pieces and also has a special built furniture trailer that has carpeted walls and floor to help prevent damage during the transportation
  • LaRue Woodworking will bring all the pieces into your home and/or place of business and set it up for you
  • If any assembly is required, the delivering employees of LaRue Woodworking will do it
  • When feasible, we will work with you to schedule a 4 hour window for your delivery depending on your location

Pick it up yourself

By far your cheapest way to get your custom wood project. That’s right, if you have a truck, trailer, or van that your wood project will fit in and you want to transport it yourself, no problem, just set up a pick up time with us and come get it. LaRue Woodworking will be more than willing to help you load it into your truck or van, or onto a trailer, but we will NOT be responsible for securing your piece.

Get your own Shipper

If you want to find a shipper and/or shipping company to get your custom wood piece shipped, no problem, just let us know at the time of the order and we will make accommodations for your shipper to pick up your piece.

 Please note: LaRue Woodworking cannot be held responsible or any damage, loss, or missing pieces once your piece is picked up by your own shipper/shipping company.

Small Item Shipping

If we’re shipping a small custom wood piece, we typically use USPS, Fed Ex, UPS or another common carrier that is the best option for your specific piece

  • If possible we will use flat rate boxes to help keep the shipping at a minimum
  • If it doesn’t fit into a flat rate box, either LaRue Woodworking or the Shipping store will package it for shipping
  • If the small item is worth more than $50, additional insurance will be bought to cover any damage that may occur

Large Item Shipping

Large items are typically crated or boxed by LaRue Woodworking. Using our experience over the years with shipping large items, we will do everything possible on our end to insure that your project is packaged and protected to the fullest. But unfortunately accidents do happen sometimes during shipping, that’s why it is VERY important that you inspect your custom wood piece when it is delivered. LaRue Woodworking cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by the shipping company. Additional insurance can be purchased at the request of the purchaser.

Additional Shipping Services

LaRue Woodworking offers many specialty shipping services to meet your specific needs. These specialty services will need to addressed at the time of the order to help keep the cost to a minimum. Last minute specialty charges can be very stressful, timely and definitely costly. Here are a few examples of additional services that we will need to know about

  • Delivery to a location that a Tractor Trailer or large truck and trailer cannot access
  • Delivery to a remote location that requires a ferry or other means of transportation
  • Navigation down small narrow hallways, spiral staircases, basements without easy access , or other logistical issues in your home and/or place of work
  • Scheduling a specific day, weekend and/or holiday for delivery
  • Scheduling after normal hours for delivery
  • Rescheduling a delivery may result in additional delivery charges

Storage Fees:  

We are happy to store your furniture at no cost for up to 14 days after its completion. After 14 days, customers unable to accept delivery will be charged standard industry fees for storage:

  • 30 days storage after the 14 day grace period – A fee of 5% of order total will be assessed
  • 31 days or more after the 14 day grace period – Fees will be assessed at a rate of 10% of order total/month
  • 12 months or more after the completion of the project – Your personal property may be sold or auctioned off to recoup owed money