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Desks, Tables and Workbenches should be more than something to sit at while eating or working. A desk, table or workbench should create that certain ambiance that invites friends and family to want to gather around, or make that perfect work space that is functional while allowing you to be creative. This beautiful custom Distressed Hemlock Table is ideal to use in your dining room, and it great to host guests. The piece is especially unique.  The craftsmanship that goes into newly created pieces and having to make them looked distressed truly takes a certain kind of touch.  It truly takes a certain eye to recreate something that looks naturally worn and aged. Our craftsman use as much solid wood as possible, we only use natural, sustainable solid hard and soft wood from either here in the USA, or for more of an exotic look, properly and legally harvested and imported exotic woods from around the World. If Solid wood is not the most feasible option, (ex. drawer bottoms or back panels), we only use the highest grade of cabinetry plywood on the market.

Featured Item Dimensions

3" thick x 3' wide x 5' long

Featured Item Constructions Details

  • Reclaimed barn wood
  • Sanded and accented
  • Large Dowel joinery
  • 2 part Euron Poly finish